Anxiety and the Empath

Similar to PTSD your past life traumatic experiences can be as real as if they happened in this lifetime.

Ongoing anxiety and panic attacks may be a sure sign you are an empath.  An empath is someone who is very intuitive probably on one of your last life if not your last and will soon be a celestial being never to come to earth again.  Your conscious self may not always be thinking of your next stage in your spiritual evolution but your sub-conscious is well aware.  You have also been through a plethora of experiences in your life which allow for you to feel what others can’t.  Similar to PTSD your past life traumatic experiences can be as real as if they happened in this lifetime. 

Your Next Incarnation

The exciting part of this is that you will probably not be enduring another life in this meat sack.  What sucks about this level of transformation is that those who are close to evolving are extremely sensitive.  Many of these people work in the metaphysical and social work field.  The passions of many empaths are to help others as when you transition past humanity you may become a spirit guide to those on the earth.  Becoming a spirit guide is generally the next step after our last human incarnation.  Your sensitivity is a blessing not a curse as despite your pain you are able to ease others.

Many Of You Know What To Do

A warning to all empaths who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks may lead to alcohol and drugs dependence.  When anxiety becomes overwhelming empaths may use substances to kill the pain.  This of course is not always the case as many empaths already know what to do.  Meditation, Yoga, mindfulness, gathering with other like-minded light beings is all beneficial for your spiritual health as an empath.  You may not even know you’re an empath.  You may have always wondered why you have anxiety and panic attacks. Maybe it is time to start find out who you are.         

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The American Way

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate running for president in 2020 that is bold enough to speak the truth.

The American way, is bombs away, as the United States takes another state.  While the country has officially stopped at 50 states there probably should be a couple extra stars on the flag.  I am not just talking about Puerto Rico.  Let me just name a few; Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, Libya, Venezuela, Honduras and Yemen.  If you need freedom we can dish it.  Even liberals are afraid to mention the atrocities in which the United States has committed.  Vietnam is probably one of the worst with the Korean War and all of the battles in the Middle East coming in second and third.  Generally these war mongers are Republicans.  They cry about abortions, kids smoking pot and having a beer; but have no problem giving them a gun; bastards. 

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate running for president in 2020 that is bold enough to speak the truth.  Why?  That is what the American people want to hear.  Americans want to be heard by the government.  We do not feel heard by Trump or even when Obama was president.  Most presidents govern based on their own bias.  The only bias Bernie has is the people.  He has fought for people his whole life and yes, he said learning how to read is a good thing.  Really, Castro taught kids how to read?  Yes while our schools lack funding.  Let’s not forget how many British were killed during our revolution.  The world is not full of roses, but truth is truth.

The Country is Not Just Supporting Bernie Sanders.

The country is not just supporting Bernie Sanders.  The country is supporting freedom.  People who desire freedom from slave owners which are the corporations and big businesses running the current government.  Damn right the American people are tired. We will stand up against our rights being infringed upon; the places we are forced to live and the wages we are given for our work.  We are tired of being ripped off. The voices of the people are rising and the world hears us!        

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Tired of Being Ripped Off?

Bernie Sanders is taking the political world by storm.  Bernie is the messenger of what most Americans desire.  The American people desire a complete reconstruction of society in order to flip the ownership of the 1% to the rest of us.  Americans are tired of being ripped off and then told capitalism is the only way and anything else is of the devil.  These are the beliefs ingrained into anyone who lived through the Cold War.  We think that we fight totalitarian governments without realizing we are living under one.

A new world order, one in which president Regan spoke in front of the United Nations.  An order in which we contribute and take willingly.  Nothing is kept from anyone as all things are commonly owned.  Yet this is not your average type of Communism; this is a system with no authoritarian government.  This order is established by the will of the people under no constraints to comply.  The very natural beauty of society will compel even the staunchest capitalist. 

Imagine after work stopping by the store to pick up this week’s groceries.  Instead of stopping by the cashier you walk right out of the door with your goods.  There are no cashiers, there is no money to take or give.  You receive your food because you are apart of a great community.  A great society in which we work together for our neighbors and your neighbor works for you.  It is the fulfillment of the greatest of commandments.  A community of love.

Follow your passions, rather investing in building arms we build great universities with schools of every philosophy.  The great library of Alexandrea will not come close to our new thought.  There will be no wars as countries are of the past and the only race us human.  We share in culture and our work, learning from one another in order to grow as one human race. Atlantis shall rise again!

Do I really think that this will happen in this lifetime? No. if Bernie Sanders is elected president it is a step forward. I say this believing we should not even have a president, but we do.  Bernie is the only candidate pointing in that direction.  More people than ever before are being awakened to the evils we live under in America.  Our economy is based on the blood of soldiers.  We starve our workers to supply all the belongings to the rich.  Money is belongings and the 1% share in these belongings.  They are the socialist, the evil government which is disguised by capitalism to keep its slaves in line.

I just want you to think about this.  Give it some time. Look around and ask yourself; are you free?  Do I live in a police state?  Is my country the only one slaughtering people around the world practically non-stop since its inception?  Yes, it is.  However, hope is not lost, in fact hope is gaining ground.  Why do you think there is a billionaire in the White House and other billionaires are running?  Why?  Because you’re a fucking slave!             

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The Happy Wanderer; No Money, No Worries

Balance may be the answer Jesus was trying to teach while emphasizing the destruction in which money causes.

For far too many of us our fears are centered around money.  We are manipulated to make money our youth.  Always being asked what we are going to be when we grow up; why?  I do not like it; it is not fun trying to gain enough money only to freak out when you do not have enough.  Sometimes it may be better to live as a happy wanderer; penniless, no job, no permanent shelter or car.  No bills, free food, no stress from work.  Wander around just, being.  If they only taught us this as children. 

It is commonly known that Jesus talked more about money than he did heaven or hell.  It is no wonder why he did so.  Even Jesus was not immune from the damage money will bring upon the human psyche.  However, how shall we resolve this fucking lunacy in which we live when the Son of God could not even break free from it?  Maybe Jesus tried.  He was a happy wanderer.  Well happy most of the time.  Nonetheless he was a wanderer, couch hopper or as Metallica said, “My home is wherever I may roam.”

Maybe We Need To Accept

I am not one to undermine Jesus and think I know better than him.  Maybe, we need to accept.  I have always come back to a statement, “Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today.”  Just accept and be, yet also be aware and fight for what is right.  He was never without what he needed.  Like the prophet Elijah, even when disgraced and ready to die the birds fed him.

Balance may be the answer Jesus was trying to teach while emphasizing the destruction in which money causes humanity.  Jesus knew he had to live with money but seemed happier without it.  Jesus did not seek out money; money was always there when he needed it.  Those who suffer from the anxiety in which money causes may be lacking in faith.  This is much easier said than done as I myself am a victim of money.  I want a lot of money, yet trying to get there is an unending mountain which becomes more treacherous every step.  I do not want to live that way anymore; do you?  I won’t throw myself down, but I will not stop moving forward.  Maybe it is time that we do not worry, becoming more like the lilies of the field or the birds of the air.  All is found under the umbrella of God in which we live.        

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Dying Without Hope

Do not look at anything outside of yourself to know yourself.

We are all looking for a sense of meaning the motivations which drive us through life.  Living lives unhindered by ego.  With purpose is realized we are carried away, the Universe moving us forward.  The dying man is lost without hope.  He has never truly seen himself; this shame, this calamity impacts billions of earth’s citizens.  You say, “I do not want to die suffering from a life never lived.”   

Where do I start?  Start with you.  Do not look at anything outside of yourself to know yourself.  The master said “The Kingdom of heaven is within.”  There is no great sage that has ever spoken of the attainment of self-knowledge from outside sources.  There is great value in objective learning; it is the foundation.  It is what you do with the raw knowledge; our goal being transmutation into gold, the high goal of alchemy. You can read every self-help book available and all you are going to do is take up space without real seeking. 

Attainment Is Not Easy

Attainment of your purpose is not easy, you may have some idea.  As you step closer towards self-knowledge the mirror hiding your true self becomes clearer.  Often people start with a practice of meditation combined with yogic breathing techniques helping the subconscious become more open to the conscious.  Ritual exercises help stimulate faith in the work as doubt will be your greatest enemy.  Keeping a journal of your daily activities will help you stay disciplined in your work. This will give you a record of your progress building your faith in the work. Be brave enough to realize the unhindered dream of your childhood.  It is all a matter of faith.

Do not worry about profession; it is about who you are.  Being able to accept yourself as a divine being; your job is something you do to eat.  Faith is the key.  Without faith you will never move mountains.  You will never find your true self.  Build your faith with the practices mentioned above.  You will slowly step out unto the water and not sink.  You will be content with full acceptance of your divine nature.  Nothing will be impossible for you as your will is the same as the universe.  Now you know who you are. 

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Iowa Caucus Proves Presidency is Outdated

Those who truly care; the doctor, professor, scientist and philosopher dare not enter politics. Once they cross the threshold into politics especially their legitimate career is over.

Iowa caucus proves Presidency is outdated. I have written about this before; but after the recent Iowa caucus it may need to be said again.  The United States does not need a President.  Half the people who caucus do not even know the positions of the candidates. It is like going to a flea market for the leader of the free world. 

A President is the thing of the past; nothing can take place efficiently in congress because the majority parties are continually siding with whoever the President is.  Essentially because of cronyism there are only two branches of government anyway.  The Judicial and the Executive; while the Congressional is present, they submit themselves to the Executive if the President shares their political party, while the other party works fervently against the Executive.  In short, nothing gets done. 

Do We Need A President?

The office of president takes up a lot of time and money that could be going to better causes.  Every four years we must listen to a year worth of indoctrinations by the candidates.  Instead of getting smart people who really care about the future of the country and world we get the cool jocks who often do not know how the real world works.  The bubble is strong within politicians, entertainers and business executives.  Unfortunately these bubbled in group of over privileged bastards run the world.

Those who truly care; the doctor, professor, scientist and philosopher dare not enter politics.  Once they cross the threshold into politics especially their legitimate career is over.  They are no longer a respected members of society.  They have jumped into the camp of the greedy, crooked and sociopathic. 

Yes, there is a way in which the United States moves forward without a president.  Ending the gridlock over political parties and putting a stop to the cool kids on the block and their constant lies just to get into the girl known as the oval office.  We can make a change, but it will take time.  It will take a movement that wants to restructure society for the greater good of all people.  It will take you! 

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Accepting Change

We know then life is not forever, watching parents become older, not their young selves remembered from the eyes of a child.

Change is the constant.  What you can always count on is change.  Change is the moving force of humanity.  Without change we would not have moved from hunter gatherer tribal nomads to living in cities having everything we need to survive minutes away.  From newborn to old age, change in the constant motion driving us from cradle to grave. 

Humans resist change understandably, becoming accustomed with lifestyles, occupations and even our human body.  We dread reaching the age 40, 50 and 60.  Those years come with the body starting to break down.  We know then life is not forever, watching parents become older, not their young selves remembered from the eyes of a child.  Children no more we are not, death is knocking knowing as they are so we shall be. 

Acceptance to Change

Acceptance to change is a desired response in order to lubricate the emotions which long to resist.  We can bring peace to our minds, learn, grow and become teachers to the youth.  Changes in all its forms are not bad.  In fact, change is a necessary component to our spiritual growth.  Without change we will stay infants well into our old age.  Or simply without change we would not exist in the first place.  Stop resisting change and allow your stress to be eliminated.  It is the unknowns of change that leave us paralyzed with fear.  Instead of moving forward into the great unknown we stay in a desperate mode of survival in which we can never win.   

Ride the wave of change.  Stop regretting and stressing, instead move with the universe follow the path of the fool into the unknown.  There is only reason to fear if you are resisting what must be.  Allow change to be your friend working together towards a better future for yourself and others.  Accept your life for what it is; embrace the change you make in yourself as well as the change that you face.  You have made it this far, you will always make it.               

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God Is Not The Cause of Suffering Pt. 2

In short, evil does not exist. It is our human condition to suffer which we perceive as evil.

“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?”

― Epicurus

I want to focus on this quote by Epicurus in part 2 of “God Is Not the Cause of Suffering.” 

“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?  Then he in not omnipotent.”

I think we can base most of this argument from the ancient book of Job.  We understand that only good things come from God however, God does allow evil to work in the world.  God then is still omnipotent just a participant by association in the evil as we perceive it.  I think it is important to remember God’s ways are not our way.

“Is he able but not willing? Then he is malevolent.”

Yes, from our perception he is malevolent.  There is no doubt about it. God is absolutely allowing evil in the world.  I would ask is evil necessary?  Or, does evil exist at all?  Do we just call what makes us suffer evil because we do not like it?

“Is he both able and willing?  Then whence cometh evil?”

In short, evil does not exist.  It is our human condition to suffer which we perceive as evil.

“Is he neither able nor willing?  Then why call him God?

That would be a personal choice.  Don’t call him God.  Call him what you want.  Why do I call him God?  I call him God because his ways our higher than mine.  “Reality” Is much more than I could ever understand.  I call him God because I do not believe in evil. I believe in suffering and suffering can bring about some of the best attributes in mankind.  This however is my personal choice. God then is not the cause of suffering; suffering is the cause of mankind. To suffer is to live.  Do what you will.        

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God Is Not the Cause of Suffering

Do you wonder why people leave God? We teach them he is this creator who brings vengeance upon his people and all suffering, illness and disasters are from his hand.

God is not the cause of suffering.  Many within the Evangelical church believe that pain and suffering are from God.  Some radicals feel that hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters are God’s vengeance.  These types seem to live in a real life Dungeons and Dragons game rather than being followers of Christ.  Imagination is a good, but we must not get carried away.  If you think God causes suffering he/she is not the God I serve.  Here is the deal humanity in itself is the cause of suffering.  We start suffering before birth and continue to suffer until our death.  Suffering is human nature.  It is not of God, it is of humanity. 

Countless times I have talked with those who were once Christians or grew up in a Christian home who reject Christianity due to a misunderstanding of suffering.  Often Christians will quote Sodom and Gomorrah as an example without consulting Jesus and his interpretation.  Jesus was asked whose sin caused this man to suffer; his parents or his own?  Jesus said neither.  The suffering was for the glory of God.  Life is suffering, all suffering can bring us closer to God or drive us away. That is the human condition.

Do You Wonder Why People Leave God?

Imagine yourself flying from Hawaii to Los Angeles.  Throughout the flight you are looking down on the beautiful ocean. Then you start to see land and the smog below.  Humans are destructive.  We destroy as we self-destruct.  Like mold on a piece of white bread, the mold will spread and destroy the whole piece.  We need to be honest with ourselves.  Teaching our children or a new believers that God is behind our suffering is an imaginary way of trying to make peace with our condition.  We blame it on God and teach our children to blame it on God.  Do you wonder why people leave God?  We teach them he is this creator who brings vengeance, suffering, illness and disasters on humanity.

Let’s not forget we also teach our children and new believers that if we do not get it right we are thrown into a lake of fire.  This teaching must stop.  We must rid ourselves of what we have been taught and think rationally.  No good God is going to cause suffering.  No good God will banish people to eternal torment.  Finally we must ask ourselves why a good God would make humanity to be creatures of suffering.        

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Taking Christ out of Politics

When we take Christ out of politics, we remove the emotion of religion which stunts rational thinking. I am not saying you should not live for Christ. On the contrary we should live as Christ did.

There is a very real need to take Christ out of politics in the United States. Evangelicals for Trump recently held a meeting in which Trump seems to be their interface to God himself.  I have always considered myself an Evangelical Christian as the very word evangelical means “good news.”  I am finding with the election of Donald Trump it is plain to see many evangelicals never knew Christ or the good news at all. Their focus seems only to be the power of having their man in the White House.

Christ was Neither a Politician Nor Interested in Politics.

Christ was neither a politician nor interested in politics.  He sarcastically stated, “Give to Caesar what is Caesars.”  Evangelicals have run with this along with Romans 13 a chapter in which the apostle Paul speaks of being submissive of earthly authority. We however have a major problem.  Paul was speaking to Roman Christians in the 1st century who needed to be very careful how they behaved to save their head.  We can’t take the Bible literally in the sense that every word is applicable to today.

We must take Christ out of politics.  As a Christian I do not want religion of any kind in American politics.  We all have different interpretations of the biblical text and each one should be respected.  Seeing Evangelicals for Trump is sick, it is not Christianity it is a cult of personality, it is a travesty created by Trump.  Unfortunately, Evangelicals have been some of the most gullible citizens.  Evangelicals are also one of the largest voting blocs in which Trump understood he could win over.

We Should Live All the More For Christ.

When we take Christ out of politics, we remove the emotion of religion which stunts rational thinking.  I am not saying you should not live for Christ.  On the contrary we should live as Christ did.  Progressives are now guilty at slinging religion back at Trump supporters. John Pavlovitz is a perfect example someone who has a good heart but is becoming as ugly as the president in his rhetoric.  Let’s be Christ through our faith and deeds.  Let us not be just as deceived as Evangelicals for Trump.  Turn the other cheek and love your neighbor. Do this and you have loved God!      

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