Is it Time to Abolish The Office of President?

This brings up the curious human condition in which humans must place power into one person.

Is it time to abolish the office of President? The United States is arguably the first country in modern times to have a President.  The colonies angry at the British crown did not want to live under a monarchy. However, the colonist still felt the deep need to have an elevated one, not with the title of king, but rather a new title, President.  This brings up the curious human condition in which humans must place power into one person.  Throughout history all nations and peoples except for a select few placed executive authority in the hands of one person.  The ancient Israelite’s are one exception, although they later gave in to the influence of surrounding nations. I ask again; Is it time to abolish the office of President?

Why do We Still Need a President?

Why do we still need a President?  The founders of the United States debated about the future executive branch. Before the constitution the colonies had the Articles of Confederation. Under the Articles there was no President and all duties of government were done by Congress. Maybe at the time we needed a President.  The people of the newly formed United States were familiar to a monarchy, so why not.  Since the great American experiment other countries around the world have adopted the concept of President. The time has come to now abolish the office of President.

The United States has a remarkable form of government that has worked well.  Our legislative branch creates laws needed to run a large country.  Our Supreme Court is a check on the executive and states, holding accountable the government to the constitution.  The executive branch in question serves as the one person who can sign a law into existence or by the stroke of a pen veto the will of the people.  The President is the Commander and Chief of the military without any required military experience.  The president can also sign numerous executive orders without the consent of the people.  Do we really need someone to do this work? 

What do we Replace the Presidency With?

What do we replace the Presidency with? A rule by council with no person invested with executive authority.  Think of a government in which more than two parties could win elections?  A country which is not divided because of who sits in the oval office.  Having a country in which the representatives do not feel obligated to the President because there is none.  Grass root leaders with a real responsibility to the people they serve.  The office of the President has been a scourge upon the country, one person holding too much authority who gets in the way of the will of the people. 

We do not need an executive.  We need a government run by the people for the people.  The process would be done through an amendment to the constitution.  The country would need a final president who would support the amendment and leave office in a peaceful respectful manner. 

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