What is Racist?

The world has gone 2+2=10 and we all clap. We cannot figure shit out while we are running around trying to dig up dirt on each other making sure we didn’t wear “black face” as a kid.

What is racist?  Was it racist then or now?  Who decides these things and why do we care?  I do not know.  If a person told me they never said something racist or offensive in their life I would look like they were a newborn baby, you would have to be for me to believe that shit. 

The world has gone 2+2=10 and we all clap. We cannot figure shit out while we are running around trying to dig up dirt on each other making sure we didn’t wear “black face” as a kid.  Fuck man, every kid I grew up with and especially you older folks would be straight canceled if someone would go through your Halloween pictures.

Canceling and getting mad and all the talking heads who want to tell us what to do, how to act, and when the Covid slowed down the protest started, the protest stop and Covid is back up.  Every 30 seconds it is breaking news. We live in a society of oversensitive, desensitized fucks.  Ignorance is certainly not bliss in this department.

“Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today.”

I once heard something cool when going through one of my many stints in rehab.  “Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today.”  When I put those words in front of any situation the stress of the world for only a moment in time goes away.  I say it like a fucking mantra on the way to buy more alcohol, so I do not have to remember someones whiny ass shit on the internet.

Thank god for essential businesses like alcohol and weed.  I think the governors understood when they locked us down and broke the economy that we needed something.  Probably going to do another stint. 

Back to my point.  What is racist?  I still do not know.  These movements seem so ego driven.  The deeper I go inside, the more I realize nothing much matters.  I exist.  That is it, I exist.  Who knows, maybe that is white privilege.  I do not care, cannot help the way you were born, but now its almost a crime to make fun of others. 

White people talk about heritage huh? Heritage in what?  I mean none of us no matter what country you are from have great heritages to be proud of. All of our heritage is based in a bunch of power-hungry fucks trying to kill each other for the dumb shit title of king. 

Who is really the racist?

Who really is the racist? It is the ones with the money.  In fact, I would not even call them racist as they do not care what race you are from as long as you can work.  So, they give you this thing called money and we fight over it like buzzards on a dead skunk.  Backstab, manipulate, steal, murder, rob, all this because we need a nice size 401k before we die.  How long do you plan to live sir?  Do they ask a rich person that? Fuck no, they ask them how they want their estate divided up and what charity would you like to leave a portion.  Those bitches are the real slave masters of the 21st century.  Who is racist?  We all are, maybe if we take some time to get out of our ego driven selves, we can do something productive in this world.  Something good like chasing rabbits and tightrope walking.    

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Our faith must be bigger than the price tag.  I understand the economical impact that COVID-19 is having upon America.  Some large business execs want to hurry the pace to bring back society to the way it was just a short while ago.  This of course Is foolish talk as even when the spread ceases people will not forget the pandemic. The handshake may become a thing of the past.  That might not be a bad idea with the world population far exceeding the earth’s natural capacity.  Viruses will become more sophisticated over time.  There is however an answer to this if we allow our faith to be bigger than the price tag. 

Our technology is increasing at an ever-rapid rate.  When our quantum computers combined with artificial intelligence advances to a level in which we can create not only vaccines but cures in days rather than years the worry of dying young will vanish, but world population may still be a problem.  One might feel that cities in the seas, creating cities in places with less population density is an answer. America and the rest of the world must become very serious about colonizing space.  The moon and Mars will be humanities next homes.  Rather than having countries we will have self-governing planets with an alliance for the advancement of humanity into the further most reaches of space. 

Nothing Is Possible When We Lack Faith

None of the above is possible when we lack faith. Humans gravitate to the negative.  What is this negative I speak of?  The love of money, in creates a plethora of evils in our society.  We do not have the faith to resist the temptations and succumb to our love of money protecting what is known as a “good” economy regardless of the human destruction in which it causes.  There are real people today including President Trump who believe we must get back to work now.  Why?  To get the economy moving again.  Some have said that we should even go so far as to sacrifice our lives for the love of money.  The sad truth many of these people are within so called “faith” communities. 

Humanity Needs a Reset

Humanity needs a reset and COVID-19 might just be that reset which humanity needs, right now.  To admit our love of money and to then become free from the fear of lack which is holding us back.  When we worry about things, those things tend to happen in our lives, and this is magnified when billions of people are putting negativity into the world.  We get off on the negativity, we embrace it even when it hurts us.  We feel comfortable in which we give up control. Like having an abusive partner we keep going back from a false sense of control over our lives.

It is time to do some deep soul searching.  To look into the dim mirror of our souls, brave enough to be honest with ourselves and the dark human nature.  Start taking steps by writing down our fears.  “I can’t afford the rent, groceries, healthcare, etc.”  Admit that this scares you, then start to tell yourself you can afford, you can do, you are not fearful!  Embrace the evil negative thought patterns placing themunder your control. We will get though these strange times, it is what we do afterwards which will determine our future for either good or evil.  We can go back to business as usual as slaves or we can create a world of universal Contributionism in which all people share in the richness of all the resources that are available to us.  Along with the material benefits we will receive the most important benefit, peace of mind. 

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Jesus said rightly, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” (Matthew 19:24, NIV).

If you were to take away any talk of money from the world news the show would be cut from 30 to 10 minutes.  During our current crisis we see the greed of corporations and people stir once again. I need a bail out, you need a bail out, we all need a bail out like contestants on the Oprah show. Get rid of the concept of money as we know it?

I do not know exactly how this would work; maybe we start slowly.  Gradually rip apart the constructs of capitalism and imprison the bankers and CEO’s in which their only mission seems to bankrupt the American people while they feast at banquet.  These institutions must come down for the American people to be free.

Contributionism is a concept in which we each contribute our skills no matter what they are to receive in return the contributions of others.  During these times we have seen firsthand the importance of many who were once considered the least of these.  The store clerks, truck drivers, gas station attendants, delivery drivers and more.  Of course, those within the medical profession while not be counted among the least of these, are performing their calling with heroic efforts.  We have seen that the true least of these is our politicians, lawyers, CEO’s, etc.  These people are not needed in crisis. 

All Are Rich

What if we all shared in what our creator gave us?  What if we could pass through the fiery sword back into the garden of our birth.  A place in which all is equal.  A place in which mankind sinned by eating the fruit of greed, killing Abel and giving birth to original sin, the sin of greed. 

Let us free ourselves from the slave driver named greed.  Rather, coming together as a community of freedom.  A true church if you will; a place without walls held up by the love of our hearts.  The words economy is stricken from our thoughts as we enter the gates of paradise. 

Jesus said rightly, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” (Matthew 19:24, NIV). 

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