Jesus said rightly, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” (Matthew 19:24, NIV).

If you were to take away any talk of money from the world news the show would be cut from 30 to 10 minutes.  During our current crisis we see the greed of corporations and people stir once again. I need a bail out, you need a bail out, we all need a bail out like contestants on the Oprah show. Get rid of the concept of money as we know it?

I do not know exactly how this would work; maybe we start slowly.  Gradually rip apart the constructs of capitalism and imprison the bankers and CEO’s in which their only mission seems to bankrupt the American people while they feast at banquet.  These institutions must come down for the American people to be free.

Contributionism is a concept in which we each contribute our skills no matter what they are to receive in return the contributions of others.  During these times we have seen firsthand the importance of many who were once considered the least of these.  The store clerks, truck drivers, gas station attendants, delivery drivers and more.  Of course, those within the medical profession while not be counted among the least of these, are performing their calling with heroic efforts.  We have seen that the true least of these is our politicians, lawyers, CEO’s, etc.  These people are not needed in crisis. 

All Are Rich

What if we all shared in what our creator gave us?  What if we could pass through the fiery sword back into the garden of our birth.  A place in which all is equal.  A place in which mankind sinned by eating the fruit of greed, killing Abel and giving birth to original sin, the sin of greed. 

Let us free ourselves from the slave driver named greed.  Rather, coming together as a community of freedom.  A true church if you will; a place without walls held up by the love of our hearts.  The words economy is stricken from our thoughts as we enter the gates of paradise. 

Jesus said rightly, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” (Matthew 19:24, NIV). 

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The Sovereignty of Man

Licenses, registrations, taxes, age restrictions, military drafts, are prohibited. How can a man be free living under such conditions?

The sovereignty of man, a claim many make without much thought.  We are not really sovereign.  If we were sovereign we would not force each other to follow rules which restrict the perceived rights of someone.  Sovereignty is similar to anarchy in that no central government oversees anyone. An example being my house is my castle.  Whatever you do in your house is legal because it is your kingdom.  With each person also being sovereign you must also respect their kingship. Whatever the terms agreed upon between the two parties, without intervention by the community at large.

All people are sovereign, their own king or queen, their domain is under their rule without need for community action.  Community involvement is the start of government and government is the beginning of the stripping away of a person’s sovereign birth.  A birth without the certificate of state, state has no authority that it is not given.  Each person gives up their authority when they decide to take part in the community one is born into. 

Sovereignty lost

Licenses, registrations, taxes, age restrictions, military drafts, are prohibited.  How can a man be free living under such conditions?  Laws relating to drugs, firearms, anything to do with a person’s own body; these also violate the sovereignty of man.  I understand that this is radical; yet when you think about it the laws in place are more radical.  A person is not truly free; a person is bound to the constraints of community which has been corrupted over time to look more like a large prison rather than free men on the land.

What do we do to correct this problem?  Essentially in America the founding of a new country is all one could do.  If you claim your sovereign status you will be laughed out of court.  The community rules, yet the community in power are not really the community.  It is a small band of politicians representing 300 million people.  Authorities are brainwashed to enforce whatever a few hundred people agree upon.  Who knows best about you?  I would answer that you know best about yourself and your family.  I do not expect this short article to make any difference.  It is only to point out that we are not free.  We live in a prison of our own making.     

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Tobacco age soon to be 21.

We are nothing but a commodity traded like stocks. Keeps the cattle healthy and the taxes flowing. Don’t retire die in your boots. It’s the American way. Bastards!

The federal government will increase the age to buy tobacco products to 21.  Stripping more freedoms from those old enough to be forced to die for greedy, dirty lowlife politicians.  It is already upsetting that our military members are restricted from alcohol until they are 21.  An oversold point.  But, it is worth repeating.  If you can serve in the military you should be able to drink, or smoke.  If the government is so concerned about public safety they should raise the enlistment age to 21.  Oh, but wait.  If you do that, you will get fewer recruits.  The male brain is still forming until 26 with the female brain still in formation until approx. 24.  If the government can’t start recruiting until 21 recruits will be smart enough not to listen to their patriotic bullshit. 

Freedom is Righteousness, Restriction is Sin

Freedom is righteousness, restriction is sin.  Man has the right to do as he will.  I would suggest that a person of combat age, has come of age.  You can fire a gun killing a stranger in a foreign land over oil; you damn right should be able to smoke and drink. Also visit brothels, smoke pot and receive an adequate pay for your servitude, but I digress. 

I am against the military?  No.  I am against policies restricting anything that does not harm anyone else.  Restriction is sin.  I am a veteran who proudly served 5 years of active duty in the Army.  When I was 19 it was illegal for me to drink, but legal to kill. Hearing about the raising the age for tobacco is simply another slap in the face to our service members.

Of course they want us in tip top shape to continue to do their bidding.  We are nothing but a commodity traded like stocks.  Keeps the cattle healthy and the taxes flowing. Don’t retire die in your boots. It’s the American way.  Bastards!   

Restriction is sin, freedom is righteousness.   

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Finding Your Purpose

We put on a costume every day and act out a role. I do not care if you work at McDonald’s or you are a medical doctor, it is a role you play.

We have all heard phrase “I do not know what I want to be when I grow up.”  I am sure you also have said this on more than one occasion.  I know up until recently I have.  I have also heard people as old as 60+ still trying to figure out what they want to be.  It is interesting that we as a society put so much emphasis on what we are going to be, generally referring to an occupation.  Our occupations seem to define yet we are never happy.  We put on a costume every day and act out a role.  I do not care if you work at McDonald’s or you are a medical doctor, it is a role you play. 

If you are lucky enough to achieve the “dream job” you have always wanted, you probably will not be 100% satisfied.  You may still not know if this is you.  You may take on the professional roles such as an attorney, medical doctor, business manager etc.  You say I am a doctor or lawyer or truck driver.  Yes, you do those roles but is that really you?  I would argue that it is not you; rather, it is a role you play in society in order to make money so you can feed yourself.  We are trained this way since early childhood.  The sole purpose around our education system is to grow up and be something you are really not.  We are all a bunch of liars. 

When going to our perspective places of work, we all put on a show.  We are then watched by HR who is the biggest liars; who make sure we are lying correctly.  Don’t say this, don’t do that, don’t be you.  Who are you?  We do not know because we were never trained to be (add your name).  We were trained to be an occupation.  We live in a matrix like environment in which we must submit to societal norms or be cast out like a leper ending up in a homeless shelter.  Generally your only crime was you were just being yourself, or at least enough of yourself not to care about what society says you should be. 

We all need to eat, and while I have met many happy people who enjoy the homeless lifestyle it is not for everyone.  I myself was homeless for a short period of time and it did have its moments of freedom.  Although the luxuries of life were often missed; missed so much in fact that I decided to join back in with the matrix and learn a gig.  I am very fortunate that I have started to grow in my spirituality which has led me to a greater understanding of myself and the conclusions that I have stated above.

I am learning that my life’s purpose is to just be me. I am not a writer, student, counselor, teacher etc. I may do those things, but they are just actions that I do to make money in order to feed myself. I was most truly myself at the time of my birth, untainted by the corruption of our humanity.  We are tainted by our educational, monetary and government systems into being ego driven sociopaths only looking out for a ourselves.  What is worse we do not even know who we are.  Today we have a growing number of people who suffer with depression and anxiety than ever before.  We have an alarming amount of people succumb to suicide.  We believe we must work 30+years then retire and die.  Sadly most never learn who they really are. 

Just be.  That’s it. Just be.  I do not expect anything out of you other than you just being you.  Seek within.  Jesus said the Kingdom of heaven s within.  Within is found our true and highest self.  A self that has been clothed with the world we live in. When taking path less traveled you must go through stages of disrobing.  We then are left naked with our egos brought down and nailed upon the cross. We have returned to the state of our birth. A sense of freedom comes from taking of the layers of deceit.  Removing the worldly clothes from our ego can be frightening as we will eventually view ourselves for who we truly are.

There are many steps a person can take towards understanding who they truly are.  They can be found in the religions of the world as well as various occult orders.  We may learn in gradually becoming curious of this unknown world within.  This by the way is what happened to me.  Once a conservative seminary student with aspirations of the pastorate; I realized I was learning many great truths but the organized Christianity I was a part of was not Christian at all.  I let go of what I thought, I wanted to just be! I am a perfect spirit and so are you!  Just be.  Let go.  You have found your purpose.  In fact you never lost it.  Your purpose is to be you.  Now live you and don’t look back!                      

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