The American Way

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate running for president in 2020 that is bold enough to speak the truth.

The American way, is bombs away, as the United States takes another state.  While the country has officially stopped at 50 states there probably should be a couple extra stars on the flag.  I am not just talking about Puerto Rico.  Let me just name a few; Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, Libya, Venezuela, Honduras and Yemen.  If you need freedom we can dish it.  Even liberals are afraid to mention the atrocities in which the United States has committed.  Vietnam is probably one of the worst with the Korean War and all of the battles in the Middle East coming in second and third.  Generally these war mongers are Republicans.  They cry about abortions, kids smoking pot and having a beer; but have no problem giving them a gun; bastards. 

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate running for president in 2020 that is bold enough to speak the truth.  Why?  That is what the American people want to hear.  Americans want to be heard by the government.  We do not feel heard by Trump or even when Obama was president.  Most presidents govern based on their own bias.  The only bias Bernie has is the people.  He has fought for people his whole life and yes, he said learning how to read is a good thing.  Really, Castro taught kids how to read?  Yes while our schools lack funding.  Let’s not forget how many British were killed during our revolution.  The world is not full of roses, but truth is truth.

The Country is Not Just Supporting Bernie Sanders.

The country is not just supporting Bernie Sanders.  The country is supporting freedom.  People who desire freedom from slave owners which are the corporations and big businesses running the current government.  Damn right the American people are tired. We will stand up against our rights being infringed upon; the places we are forced to live and the wages we are given for our work.  We are tired of being ripped off. The voices of the people are rising and the world hears us!        

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Iowa Caucus Proves Presidency is Outdated

Those who truly care; the doctor, professor, scientist and philosopher dare not enter politics. Once they cross the threshold into politics especially their legitimate career is over.

Iowa caucus proves Presidency is outdated. I have written about this before; but after the recent Iowa caucus it may need to be said again.  The United States does not need a President.  Half the people who caucus do not even know the positions of the candidates. It is like going to a flea market for the leader of the free world. 

A President is the thing of the past; nothing can take place efficiently in congress because the majority parties are continually siding with whoever the President is.  Essentially because of cronyism there are only two branches of government anyway.  The Judicial and the Executive; while the Congressional is present, they submit themselves to the Executive if the President shares their political party, while the other party works fervently against the Executive.  In short, nothing gets done. 

Do We Need A President?

The office of president takes up a lot of time and money that could be going to better causes.  Every four years we must listen to a year worth of indoctrinations by the candidates.  Instead of getting smart people who really care about the future of the country and world we get the cool jocks who often do not know how the real world works.  The bubble is strong within politicians, entertainers and business executives.  Unfortunately these bubbled in group of over privileged bastards run the world.

Those who truly care; the doctor, professor, scientist and philosopher dare not enter politics.  Once they cross the threshold into politics especially their legitimate career is over.  They are no longer a respected members of society.  They have jumped into the camp of the greedy, crooked and sociopathic. 

Yes, there is a way in which the United States moves forward without a president.  Ending the gridlock over political parties and putting a stop to the cool kids on the block and their constant lies just to get into the girl known as the oval office.  We can make a change, but it will take time.  It will take a movement that wants to restructure society for the greater good of all people.  It will take you! 

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The Condition of War

Why soldier do you choose to die so the wealthy elite gains an extra dime?

Humans love to be ruled; a terrible condition. The condition of war is another stain on our humanity.  Nations of the world each with their dictators, presidents or kings.  The United States is no different.  We invest in long winded elections to find the most popular person to make king.  Trump has been the president of the United States for 3 years and the country is more divided than it has ever been since the Civil War.  War, the nations of the world love war.  The United States is first among nations who chooses to sacrifice the lives of its youth for the interest of the few.  Of course, those few convince soldiers and the populace believe we fight for freedom and the freedom of others.  I call bullshit. It is our condition of war. 

Why soldier do you choose to die so the wealthy elite gains an extra dime?  You take an oath, you think its true, the oath you take is foolish spew.  It is all just bullshit.  If we the people just said no to these people.  If our soldiers just said; I do not think I will fight today.  Many say that is the way of a coward.  They, would have you believe that.  Trump, Obama and Bush.  Yes, Obama too.  Men who sent men and women to die so they can claim their royal prize.   

Iran the Latest Victim of our Condition of War

Iran is now the target of the United States with Trump supporters calling for war.  Foolish people.  They crave for war, but very few have tasted its sting.  War is not a pretty thing.  War is the blood sacrifice to the egos of men.  The conservative voices of the United States are filled with pride.  Fundamental Evangelical leaders feel they have they know the will of God.  I laugh at their ignorance their petty ways.  They rob from the poor to fill their banks; then send your sons to die as sacrifices to their god. 

Peace is the Only Option

Could we have armies that pray for peace?  Armies without weapons of war.  Armies to be the example of real power; power which is the enlightenment of mankind.  Armies that will take humanity to the next level of our evolution.  The return of Jesus.  Jesus has never left.  I am with you always.  We are Jesus.  I would not think the Jesus who healed the soldier’s ear would send to war children without names.  It is not courage’s to obey criminals, real strength is that of standing up for righteousness in the face persecution.  Just say no to foolish wars.  Put down your silly pride.  Foolish souls calling for war.  These are the burden of humanity.  Maybe the evolution of mankind cannot move forward till these who long for war with soldiers willing to die for kings are taken from the earth.  If mankind is to survive then war must cease, whatever it takes for peace.           

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Is it Time to Abolish The Office of President?

This brings up the curious human condition in which humans must place power into one person.

Is it time to abolish the office of President? The United States is arguably the first country in modern times to have a President.  The colonies angry at the British crown did not want to live under a monarchy. However, the colonist still felt the deep need to have an elevated one, not with the title of king, but rather a new title, President.  This brings up the curious human condition in which humans must place power into one person.  Throughout history all nations and peoples except for a select few placed executive authority in the hands of one person.  The ancient Israelite’s are one exception, although they later gave in to the influence of surrounding nations. I ask again; Is it time to abolish the office of President?

Why do We Still Need a President?

Why do we still need a President?  The founders of the United States debated about the future executive branch. Before the constitution the colonies had the Articles of Confederation. Under the Articles there was no President and all duties of government were done by Congress. Maybe at the time we needed a President.  The people of the newly formed United States were familiar to a monarchy, so why not.  Since the great American experiment other countries around the world have adopted the concept of President. The time has come to now abolish the office of President.

The United States has a remarkable form of government that has worked well.  Our legislative branch creates laws needed to run a large country.  Our Supreme Court is a check on the executive and states, holding accountable the government to the constitution.  The executive branch in question serves as the one person who can sign a law into existence or by the stroke of a pen veto the will of the people.  The President is the Commander and Chief of the military without any required military experience.  The president can also sign numerous executive orders without the consent of the people.  Do we really need someone to do this work? 

What do we Replace the Presidency With?

What do we replace the Presidency with? A rule by council with no person invested with executive authority.  Think of a government in which more than two parties could win elections?  A country which is not divided because of who sits in the oval office.  Having a country in which the representatives do not feel obligated to the President because there is none.  Grass root leaders with a real responsibility to the people they serve.  The office of the President has been a scourge upon the country, one person holding too much authority who gets in the way of the will of the people. 

We do not need an executive.  We need a government run by the people for the people.  The process would be done through an amendment to the constitution.  The country would need a final president who would support the amendment and leave office in a peaceful respectful manner. 

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