White Repudiation

White America makes sure they stay away from any street that is named Dr. Martin Luther King. White America cries “White lives matter” when their lives have always mattered.

The murder of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant, is repudiation of the “Black Lives Matter” movement using his name and image to support “White Lives Matter” on social media.  This is nothing more than white denial; making it ever clearer that white America is as ignorant as ever.

The use of a murdered 5-year-old as a symbol of the ignorance of white America is disgusting to say the least.  A terrible gut-wrenching crime, the suspect Darius Sessoms arrested and charged with 1st degree murder the same day. Sessoms is being held without bail and if convicted could face the death penalty.

Do All Lives Matter?

Yes, it is true white lives matter, but is it true that all lives matter?  It would be ignorant of me to say yes when African Americans are still trying to explain to white America that their lives do not.  ‘Black Lives Matter” is not aggression towards whites, rather a call for help and understanding.  

There as been no justice for the cause of blacks in America. Black communities are segregated from their white neighbors; all by design  No concerns over black children gunned down on a weekly basis. White America continues to turn a deaf hear.

White America makes sure they stay away from any street that is named Dr. Martin Luther King. White America cries “White lives matter” when their lives have always mattered.  It is black lives that do not.  Yes, all lives matter, but, blacks are being left out as usual in America.  White America does just enough to not taint their white robes or lose their hoods and be labeled racist.  It is much easier for whites to counter with images of murdered child.

The America we live in is not the America you have been taught about in school.  Taxation without representation was not the major concern of 1776, rather Britain was moving to outlaw slavery.  Without slaves the colonies would lose their primary source of income.  With a victory over Britain the colonies could then continue with their slave trade and build a country off the backs of blacks. 

Slavery is Still Legal.

While it is true that the 13th amendment abolished slavery, as with any law there is always loopholes.  “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for a crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”  You have to believe that the writers of this amendment knew exactly what they were doing when adding at the very top of the amendment “Except as a punishment for a crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted.”  Slavery then has never been illegal in the United States rather the ways in which slaves are acquired changed.

“Crimes” in which blacks were forced back into servitude or worse.  There are reports of blacks being lynched for little more than breaking so called “codes of behavior” which could be little more than not showing the proper respect for whites.  This again shows how whites in America are easily offended. 

Blacks after the Civil War could not obtain employment so vagrancy become a crime in which the 13th amendment loophole could put someone right back to the fields they were just freed from.  Today the “war on drugs” which is just another “black code” has created the largest black slave population in American history. More blacks are in prison today than their was slaves in 1850.

Black vs. White Wealth

Whites seem to not understand that there is little wealth passed down within black families. White America has enjoyed creating an American middle class, building upon their wealth over several generations.  Essentially every generation of black Americans are having to start over.  Once a black American has been labeled a felon it is a label that sticks for life.  The chances for moving up the social ladder and providing for you and your family becomes nearly nonexistent and white America is perplexed why the country has a drug problem.  It seems obvious to me! If I had no other option or understood that my chances are extremely slim of making it out of this mess white America created crime may seem an easier route than the odds of becoming the next Barack Obama.

Black lives matter and white America needs to understand that they are not superior rather, lazy, and ignorant using their supposed superiority to build a white nation under their god, forcing everyone to live by their rules.  Is it time for a restructuring of society? Yes! Hell yes!  A society built on what America was built upon is like building a house upon sand.  The constitution is not God’s gift to man, it is a creation by the white man for the white man.

Results of an action is the determination of effectiveness towards a desired goal.  It seems as if Americas goal from the beginning was to continue the advancement of slavery.  The colonies won the war and have continued in the slave trade up until today. Crimes committed against whites become a national headline while black children are gunned down in the street with a few soundbites from the talking heads.  Black lives matter and the end of white repudiation is needed more than ever. 

I do believe there is hope although as in any good endeavor much work is needed. It is my hope for our children to grow up together not separated due to the color of someone’s skin, not one race being the deciding voice while another race lives in poverty, violence and slavery far away from white neighborhoods with street names like “Pleasant Valley.”

Murders of many innocent African Americans in recent months have fuled public protest and supposed policy changes. However, these still seem only lip service to keep the black man in his place and out of the suburbs. Propagandizing the murder of a white child to advance the white agenda shows just how much work there needs to be done.       


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