God Is Not the Cause of Suffering

Do you wonder why people leave God? We teach them he is this creator who brings vengeance upon his people and all suffering, illness and disasters are from his hand.

God is not the cause of suffering.  Many within the Evangelical church believe that pain and suffering are from God.  Some radicals feel that hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters are God’s vengeance.  These types seem to live in a real life Dungeons and Dragons game rather than being followers of Christ.  Imagination is a good, but we must not get carried away.  If you think God causes suffering he/she is not the God I serve.  Here is the deal humanity in itself is the cause of suffering.  We start suffering before birth and continue to suffer until our death.  Suffering is human nature.  It is not of God, it is of humanity. 

Countless times I have talked with those who were once Christians or grew up in a Christian home who reject Christianity due to a misunderstanding of suffering.  Often Christians will quote Sodom and Gomorrah as an example without consulting Jesus and his interpretation.  Jesus was asked whose sin caused this man to suffer; his parents or his own?  Jesus said neither.  The suffering was for the glory of God.  Life is suffering, all suffering can bring us closer to God or drive us away. That is the human condition.

Do You Wonder Why People Leave God?

Imagine yourself flying from Hawaii to Los Angeles.  Throughout the flight you are looking down on the beautiful ocean. Then you start to see land and the smog below.  Humans are destructive.  We destroy as we self-destruct.  Like mold on a piece of white bread, the mold will spread and destroy the whole piece.  We need to be honest with ourselves.  Teaching our children or a new believers that God is behind our suffering is an imaginary way of trying to make peace with our condition.  We blame it on God and teach our children to blame it on God.  Do you wonder why people leave God?  We teach them he is this creator who brings vengeance, suffering, illness and disasters on humanity.

Let’s not forget we also teach our children and new believers that if we do not get it right we are thrown into a lake of fire.  This teaching must stop.  We must rid ourselves of what we have been taught and think rationally.  No good God is going to cause suffering.  No good God will banish people to eternal torment.  Finally we must ask ourselves why a good God would make humanity to be creatures of suffering.        

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Tobacco age soon to be 21.

We are nothing but a commodity traded like stocks. Keeps the cattle healthy and the taxes flowing. Don’t retire die in your boots. It’s the American way. Bastards!

The federal government will increase the age to buy tobacco products to 21.  Stripping more freedoms from those old enough to be forced to die for greedy, dirty lowlife politicians.  It is already upsetting that our military members are restricted from alcohol until they are 21.  An oversold point.  But, it is worth repeating.  If you can serve in the military you should be able to drink, or smoke.  If the government is so concerned about public safety they should raise the enlistment age to 21.  Oh, but wait.  If you do that, you will get fewer recruits.  The male brain is still forming until 26 with the female brain still in formation until approx. 24.  If the government can’t start recruiting until 21 recruits will be smart enough not to listen to their patriotic bullshit. 

Freedom is Righteousness, Restriction is Sin

Freedom is righteousness, restriction is sin.  Man has the right to do as he will.  I would suggest that a person of combat age, has come of age.  You can fire a gun killing a stranger in a foreign land over oil; you damn right should be able to smoke and drink. Also visit brothels, smoke pot and receive an adequate pay for your servitude, but I digress. 

I am against the military?  No.  I am against policies restricting anything that does not harm anyone else.  Restriction is sin.  I am a veteran who proudly served 5 years of active duty in the Army.  When I was 19 it was illegal for me to drink, but legal to kill. Hearing about the raising the age for tobacco is simply another slap in the face to our service members.

Of course they want us in tip top shape to continue to do their bidding.  We are nothing but a commodity traded like stocks.  Keeps the cattle healthy and the taxes flowing. Don’t retire die in your boots. It’s the American way.  Bastards!   

Restriction is sin, freedom is righteousness.   

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