The Condition of War

Why soldier do you choose to die so the wealthy elite gains an extra dime?

Humans love to be ruled; a terrible condition. The condition of war is another stain on our humanity.  Nations of the world each with their dictators, presidents or kings.  The United States is no different.  We invest in long winded elections to find the most popular person to make king.  Trump has been the president of the United States for 3 years and the country is more divided than it has ever been since the Civil War.  War, the nations of the world love war.  The United States is first among nations who chooses to sacrifice the lives of its youth for the interest of the few.  Of course, those few convince soldiers and the populace believe we fight for freedom and the freedom of others.  I call bullshit. It is our condition of war. 

Why soldier do you choose to die so the wealthy elite gains an extra dime?  You take an oath, you think its true, the oath you take is foolish spew.  It is all just bullshit.  If we the people just said no to these people.  If our soldiers just said; I do not think I will fight today.  Many say that is the way of a coward.  They, would have you believe that.  Trump, Obama and Bush.  Yes, Obama too.  Men who sent men and women to die so they can claim their royal prize.   

Iran the Latest Victim of our Condition of War

Iran is now the target of the United States with Trump supporters calling for war.  Foolish people.  They crave for war, but very few have tasted its sting.  War is not a pretty thing.  War is the blood sacrifice to the egos of men.  The conservative voices of the United States are filled with pride.  Fundamental Evangelical leaders feel they have they know the will of God.  I laugh at their ignorance their petty ways.  They rob from the poor to fill their banks; then send your sons to die as sacrifices to their god. 

Peace is the Only Option

Could we have armies that pray for peace?  Armies without weapons of war.  Armies to be the example of real power; power which is the enlightenment of mankind.  Armies that will take humanity to the next level of our evolution.  The return of Jesus.  Jesus has never left.  I am with you always.  We are Jesus.  I would not think the Jesus who healed the soldier’s ear would send to war children without names.  It is not courage’s to obey criminals, real strength is that of standing up for righteousness in the face persecution.  Just say no to foolish wars.  Put down your silly pride.  Foolish souls calling for war.  These are the burden of humanity.  Maybe the evolution of mankind cannot move forward till these who long for war with soldiers willing to die for kings are taken from the earth.  If mankind is to survive then war must cease, whatever it takes for peace.           

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Tobacco age soon to be 21.

We are nothing but a commodity traded like stocks. Keeps the cattle healthy and the taxes flowing. Don’t retire die in your boots. It’s the American way. Bastards!

The federal government will increase the age to buy tobacco products to 21.  Stripping more freedoms from those old enough to be forced to die for greedy, dirty lowlife politicians.  It is already upsetting that our military members are restricted from alcohol until they are 21.  An oversold point.  But, it is worth repeating.  If you can serve in the military you should be able to drink, or smoke.  If the government is so concerned about public safety they should raise the enlistment age to 21.  Oh, but wait.  If you do that, you will get fewer recruits.  The male brain is still forming until 26 with the female brain still in formation until approx. 24.  If the government can’t start recruiting until 21 recruits will be smart enough not to listen to their patriotic bullshit. 

Freedom is Righteousness, Restriction is Sin

Freedom is righteousness, restriction is sin.  Man has the right to do as he will.  I would suggest that a person of combat age, has come of age.  You can fire a gun killing a stranger in a foreign land over oil; you damn right should be able to smoke and drink. Also visit brothels, smoke pot and receive an adequate pay for your servitude, but I digress. 

I am against the military?  No.  I am against policies restricting anything that does not harm anyone else.  Restriction is sin.  I am a veteran who proudly served 5 years of active duty in the Army.  When I was 19 it was illegal for me to drink, but legal to kill. Hearing about the raising the age for tobacco is simply another slap in the face to our service members.

Of course they want us in tip top shape to continue to do their bidding.  We are nothing but a commodity traded like stocks.  Keeps the cattle healthy and the taxes flowing. Don’t retire die in your boots. It’s the American way.  Bastards!   

Restriction is sin, freedom is righteousness.   

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