The American Way

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate running for president in 2020 that is bold enough to speak the truth.

The American way, is bombs away, as the United States takes another state.  While the country has officially stopped at 50 states there probably should be a couple extra stars on the flag.  I am not just talking about Puerto Rico.  Let me just name a few; Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, Libya, Venezuela, Honduras and Yemen.  If you need freedom we can dish it.  Even liberals are afraid to mention the atrocities in which the United States has committed.  Vietnam is probably one of the worst with the Korean War and all of the battles in the Middle East coming in second and third.  Generally these war mongers are Republicans.  They cry about abortions, kids smoking pot and having a beer; but have no problem giving them a gun; bastards. 

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate running for president in 2020 that is bold enough to speak the truth.  Why?  That is what the American people want to hear.  Americans want to be heard by the government.  We do not feel heard by Trump or even when Obama was president.  Most presidents govern based on their own bias.  The only bias Bernie has is the people.  He has fought for people his whole life and yes, he said learning how to read is a good thing.  Really, Castro taught kids how to read?  Yes while our schools lack funding.  Let’s not forget how many British were killed during our revolution.  The world is not full of roses, but truth is truth.

The Country is Not Just Supporting Bernie Sanders.

The country is not just supporting Bernie Sanders.  The country is supporting freedom.  People who desire freedom from slave owners which are the corporations and big businesses running the current government.  Damn right the American people are tired. We will stand up against our rights being infringed upon; the places we are forced to live and the wages we are given for our work.  We are tired of being ripped off. The voices of the people are rising and the world hears us!        

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Taking Christ out of Politics

When we take Christ out of politics, we remove the emotion of religion which stunts rational thinking. I am not saying you should not live for Christ. On the contrary we should live as Christ did.

There is a very real need to take Christ out of politics in the United States. Evangelicals for Trump recently held a meeting in which Trump seems to be their interface to God himself.  I have always considered myself an Evangelical Christian as the very word evangelical means “good news.”  I am finding with the election of Donald Trump it is plain to see many evangelicals never knew Christ or the good news at all. Their focus seems only to be the power of having their man in the White House.

Christ was Neither a Politician Nor Interested in Politics.

Christ was neither a politician nor interested in politics.  He sarcastically stated, “Give to Caesar what is Caesars.”  Evangelicals have run with this along with Romans 13 a chapter in which the apostle Paul speaks of being submissive of earthly authority. We however have a major problem.  Paul was speaking to Roman Christians in the 1st century who needed to be very careful how they behaved to save their head.  We can’t take the Bible literally in the sense that every word is applicable to today.

We must take Christ out of politics.  As a Christian I do not want religion of any kind in American politics.  We all have different interpretations of the biblical text and each one should be respected.  Seeing Evangelicals for Trump is sick, it is not Christianity it is a cult of personality, it is a travesty created by Trump.  Unfortunately, Evangelicals have been some of the most gullible citizens.  Evangelicals are also one of the largest voting blocs in which Trump understood he could win over.

We Should Live All the More For Christ.

When we take Christ out of politics, we remove the emotion of religion which stunts rational thinking.  I am not saying you should not live for Christ.  On the contrary we should live as Christ did.  Progressives are now guilty at slinging religion back at Trump supporters. John Pavlovitz is a perfect example someone who has a good heart but is becoming as ugly as the president in his rhetoric.  Let’s be Christ through our faith and deeds.  Let us not be just as deceived as Evangelicals for Trump.  Turn the other cheek and love your neighbor. Do this and you have loved God!      

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Are We as Progressives Wrong?

You could argue progressives want to replace fundamentalist Christianity with progressive Christianity.

Are we as progressives wrong?  As progressives it is difficult to not interject our Christian worldview against the Christian worldview in the White House.  Jesus was a socialist, Jesus was a conservative, Jesus was this or that.  Jesus seemed to do his best to stay out of political life.  He could have been made king, led an invasion against Rome; even call down angels against those that sought to persecute him.  Jesus did none of those things.  Rather, Jesus taught his disciples to love God and neighbor.  This type of leadership transcends given authority by birth, force or election.  It is a leadership of example and choice.

Church and State

Progressives make valid points in which I agree.  We as a people should start treating people with dignity and respect.  We should care for the immigrant, feed the poor, provide affordable healthcare and do our best to give each person the right to execute their own free will.  A government free from as much corruption as possible and listens to the needs of all people.  A government that reasons together instead of fighting each other.  The founding fathers were not perfect, and I do not hold the constitution as written by God’s hand.  However, I do believe they were correct separating church and state. 

Regardless if you are a religious person or not there are central moral doctrines most would agree.  Do not kill or steal; most laws draw from these internal doctrines written on our hearts. We are smart people and can handle it, although I do not think that we have been handling the separation of church and state very well.  Progressives are angry that fundamentalist are influencing the president and the Republican party. You could argue progressives want to replace fundamentalist Christianity with progressive Christianity.  Both are wrong.  We are wrong.  Religion, any religion has no place in United States government. 

If we are Wrong, What Now?

So, what now?  Do we stop trying to correct the flaws of fundamentalism and the flagrant invasion of this form of Christianity in politics?  Or, do we do what Jesus did?  Jesus stayed out of the political scene.  The Apostles stayed out of the political scene.  When did things get bad for the people on earth regarding Christianity and government?  When Constantine took Christianity and made it one of the state religions giving political power to the church.  We all know how that worked out.  I encourage my fellow progressives to stop trying to use our faith to fight the politics of the current administration, rather use our progressive values to live out Christ.  Example is our power.  Our salvation does not come from government.  Our salvation comes from the Lord.                    

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Breaking: Iran’s Earthquakes Man-made

Pentagon leaks claim the latest earthquakes to hit Iran were part of a super-secret government program.

Breaking News: Iran’s Earthquakes man-made.  Pentagon leaks claim the latest earthquakes to hit Iran were part of a super-secret government program.   It is believed that HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research program) in suspected. HAARP is the leading organization in weather manipulation located in Alaska. HAARP has created a high frequency weapon causing a disturbance in tectonic plates. These frequencies are believed to have caused the latest Iranian earthquakes.  Recent tensions in Iran seemed to have created ideal proving ground.

HAARP strikes
HAARP Alaska

The weapon is presumed to also be the cause of the Ukrainian 737-800 jet crash.  While the Pentagon leakers could not be positive the crash was associated with the attacks. Scientist do report that it would not be out of the ordinary for a weapon to affect an airliner.

Crashed Ukrainian 737-800
Vietnam flooding

The United States has a history of manipulating weather.  During the Vietnam war “Operation Popeye” created artificial rain. Increases in military technological lead many to take the leaks seriously.  While other nations seek to build long range missiles. The United States has changed warfare forever. manufactured rain, earthquakes, volcanos, and hurricanes are now the next weapons used to fight against Americas enemies.    

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The Condition of War

Why soldier do you choose to die so the wealthy elite gains an extra dime?

Humans love to be ruled; a terrible condition. The condition of war is another stain on our humanity.  Nations of the world each with their dictators, presidents or kings.  The United States is no different.  We invest in long winded elections to find the most popular person to make king.  Trump has been the president of the United States for 3 years and the country is more divided than it has ever been since the Civil War.  War, the nations of the world love war.  The United States is first among nations who chooses to sacrifice the lives of its youth for the interest of the few.  Of course, those few convince soldiers and the populace believe we fight for freedom and the freedom of others.  I call bullshit. It is our condition of war. 

Why soldier do you choose to die so the wealthy elite gains an extra dime?  You take an oath, you think its true, the oath you take is foolish spew.  It is all just bullshit.  If we the people just said no to these people.  If our soldiers just said; I do not think I will fight today.  Many say that is the way of a coward.  They, would have you believe that.  Trump, Obama and Bush.  Yes, Obama too.  Men who sent men and women to die so they can claim their royal prize.   

Iran the Latest Victim of our Condition of War

Iran is now the target of the United States with Trump supporters calling for war.  Foolish people.  They crave for war, but very few have tasted its sting.  War is not a pretty thing.  War is the blood sacrifice to the egos of men.  The conservative voices of the United States are filled with pride.  Fundamental Evangelical leaders feel they have they know the will of God.  I laugh at their ignorance their petty ways.  They rob from the poor to fill their banks; then send your sons to die as sacrifices to their god. 

Peace is the Only Option

Could we have armies that pray for peace?  Armies without weapons of war.  Armies to be the example of real power; power which is the enlightenment of mankind.  Armies that will take humanity to the next level of our evolution.  The return of Jesus.  Jesus has never left.  I am with you always.  We are Jesus.  I would not think the Jesus who healed the soldier’s ear would send to war children without names.  It is not courage’s to obey criminals, real strength is that of standing up for righteousness in the face persecution.  Just say no to foolish wars.  Put down your silly pride.  Foolish souls calling for war.  These are the burden of humanity.  Maybe the evolution of mankind cannot move forward till these who long for war with soldiers willing to die for kings are taken from the earth.  If mankind is to survive then war must cease, whatever it takes for peace.           

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The Sovereignty of Man

Licenses, registrations, taxes, age restrictions, military drafts, are prohibited. How can a man be free living under such conditions?

The sovereignty of man, a claim many make without much thought.  We are not really sovereign.  If we were sovereign we would not force each other to follow rules which restrict the perceived rights of someone.  Sovereignty is similar to anarchy in that no central government oversees anyone. An example being my house is my castle.  Whatever you do in your house is legal because it is your kingdom.  With each person also being sovereign you must also respect their kingship. Whatever the terms agreed upon between the two parties, without intervention by the community at large.

All people are sovereign, their own king or queen, their domain is under their rule without need for community action.  Community involvement is the start of government and government is the beginning of the stripping away of a person’s sovereign birth.  A birth without the certificate of state, state has no authority that it is not given.  Each person gives up their authority when they decide to take part in the community one is born into. 

Sovereignty lost

Licenses, registrations, taxes, age restrictions, military drafts, are prohibited.  How can a man be free living under such conditions?  Laws relating to drugs, firearms, anything to do with a person’s own body; these also violate the sovereignty of man.  I understand that this is radical; yet when you think about it the laws in place are more radical.  A person is not truly free; a person is bound to the constraints of community which has been corrupted over time to look more like a large prison rather than free men on the land.

What do we do to correct this problem?  Essentially in America the founding of a new country is all one could do.  If you claim your sovereign status you will be laughed out of court.  The community rules, yet the community in power are not really the community.  It is a small band of politicians representing 300 million people.  Authorities are brainwashed to enforce whatever a few hundred people agree upon.  Who knows best about you?  I would answer that you know best about yourself and your family.  I do not expect this short article to make any difference.  It is only to point out that we are not free.  We live in a prison of our own making.     

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Is it Time to Abolish The Office of President?

This brings up the curious human condition in which humans must place power into one person.

Is it time to abolish the office of President? The United States is arguably the first country in modern times to have a President.  The colonies angry at the British crown did not want to live under a monarchy. However, the colonist still felt the deep need to have an elevated one, not with the title of king, but rather a new title, President.  This brings up the curious human condition in which humans must place power into one person.  Throughout history all nations and peoples except for a select few placed executive authority in the hands of one person.  The ancient Israelite’s are one exception, although they later gave in to the influence of surrounding nations. I ask again; Is it time to abolish the office of President?

Why do We Still Need a President?

Why do we still need a President?  The founders of the United States debated about the future executive branch. Before the constitution the colonies had the Articles of Confederation. Under the Articles there was no President and all duties of government were done by Congress. Maybe at the time we needed a President.  The people of the newly formed United States were familiar to a monarchy, so why not.  Since the great American experiment other countries around the world have adopted the concept of President. The time has come to now abolish the office of President.

The United States has a remarkable form of government that has worked well.  Our legislative branch creates laws needed to run a large country.  Our Supreme Court is a check on the executive and states, holding accountable the government to the constitution.  The executive branch in question serves as the one person who can sign a law into existence or by the stroke of a pen veto the will of the people.  The President is the Commander and Chief of the military without any required military experience.  The president can also sign numerous executive orders without the consent of the people.  Do we really need someone to do this work? 

What do we Replace the Presidency With?

What do we replace the Presidency with? A rule by council with no person invested with executive authority.  Think of a government in which more than two parties could win elections?  A country which is not divided because of who sits in the oval office.  Having a country in which the representatives do not feel obligated to the President because there is none.  Grass root leaders with a real responsibility to the people they serve.  The office of the President has been a scourge upon the country, one person holding too much authority who gets in the way of the will of the people. 

We do not need an executive.  We need a government run by the people for the people.  The process would be done through an amendment to the constitution.  The country would need a final president who would support the amendment and leave office in a peaceful respectful manner. 

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Saving Evangelicalism From Radicals

Evangelicals have been separating the sheep from the goats for years. If you do not fall in line with certain biblical principles you will not fit in.

Saving Evangelicalism From Radicals is the mission of Evangelical Deep State.  Just about anyone within the protestant traditions can claim Evangelical status.   The only real requirement is to believe in Jesus Christ through faith alone. The term Evangelicalism comes from the Greek word for gospel.  The word is fitting then to be an umbrella term for diverse Christian populations of similar mind. 

Let me state first that Christianity has had many issues; all religions do.  The problem Evangelicalism has had for hundreds of years is an “us vs. them” mentality  Unlike Roman Catholics in which the Pope is the ultimate authority on scripture, evangelicals take their lead from a variety of chosen leaders which often present different beliefs.    

Evangelicals have been separating the sheep from the goats for years.  If you do not fall in line with certain biblical principles you will not fit in.  I had an argument with an evangelical who believed unless you were baptized in water God could not let you enter heaven.  There is only so much you can say in a case like that.  I do understand if God truly acted in such a manner than God would not be a God rather a creation of our imagination.   Kind of like a biblical Nightmare on Elm Street.  Many within the Evangelical community are probably mentally ill.  Fear, depression, suicide, living a fake life are just some detriments of the “faith.”  Evangelicals act in the same way as modern day Pharisees. 

Jesus spoke of them; “They tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them.” (Matthew 23:4, NIV). 

What is the Point of the Deep State?

What is the point of the Evangelical Deep State? Saving evangelicalism From radicals, of course!  I grew up in what would be called a classical evangelical community.  I went to an evangelical college and seminary in preparation to become a pastor.  Through my experiences I came to positions that went in direct opposition to mainstream Evangelicalism.  The more I examined the issue it seemed as if mainstream Evangelicalism was the cause for all sorts of divisions largely based on exegesis, tradition and beliefs of key leaders.  I came to the same conclusion as Jesus. Saving Evangelicalism from radicals is crucial.

  “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?  Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”  (Matthew 22:36-40, NIV). 

I have compiled a short list of divisive positions of most mainstream Evangelicals.  Biblical inerrancy, acceptance of the LGBTQ+ as members and ordained leaders, women’s rights, a literal hell, racism, immigration and probably one of the biggest issues as of right now, the Evangelical takeover of politics.  There was a reason the founders of the United States believed that the church has no place in the governing of the nation.  The various divisive topics mentioned above are an example.  We the people are not a church.  We are a nation which contains churches who can freely worship as they will. The Evangelical Deep State is very concerned about the mingling of politics and religion

There is Hope

There is hope! A hope in Jesus, and a hope in the people we love.  We are all created in the image of God. Evangelicals have been treating God badly for a long time.  We the Evangelical Deep State desires to infiltrate the church with knowledge.  Our mission is to love, leading a generation of Evangelicals from politics and division to peace and unity.  You are not alone.  There are thousands of us and growing daily who have left the traditional church out of disdain for their ungodly actions.   This humble page is just one spear in a powerful movement to free Evangelicalism from its corrupt actions and rise up passionate followers of Christ without the burdens of doctrine and dogma. In the good fight in saving Evangelicalism from radicals.

Please join us in this fight!

E. Deep State           

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