The Sovereignty of Man

Licenses, registrations, taxes, age restrictions, military drafts, are prohibited. How can a man be free living under such conditions?

The sovereignty of man, a claim many make without much thought.  We are not really sovereign.  If we were sovereign we would not force each other to follow rules which restrict the perceived rights of someone.  Sovereignty is similar to anarchy in that no central government oversees anyone. An example being my house is my castle.  Whatever you do in your house is legal because it is your kingdom.  With each person also being sovereign you must also respect their kingship. Whatever the terms agreed upon between the two parties, without intervention by the community at large.

All people are sovereign, their own king or queen, their domain is under their rule without need for community action.  Community involvement is the start of government and government is the beginning of the stripping away of a person’s sovereign birth.  A birth without the certificate of state, state has no authority that it is not given.  Each person gives up their authority when they decide to take part in the community one is born into. 

Sovereignty lost

Licenses, registrations, taxes, age restrictions, military drafts, are prohibited.  How can a man be free living under such conditions?  Laws relating to drugs, firearms, anything to do with a person’s own body; these also violate the sovereignty of man.  I understand that this is radical; yet when you think about it the laws in place are more radical.  A person is not truly free; a person is bound to the constraints of community which has been corrupted over time to look more like a large prison rather than free men on the land.

What do we do to correct this problem?  Essentially in America the founding of a new country is all one could do.  If you claim your sovereign status you will be laughed out of court.  The community rules, yet the community in power are not really the community.  It is a small band of politicians representing 300 million people.  Authorities are brainwashed to enforce whatever a few hundred people agree upon.  Who knows best about you?  I would answer that you know best about yourself and your family.  I do not expect this short article to make any difference.  It is only to point out that we are not free.  We live in a prison of our own making.     

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